The PhD Program „Auditory Sciences“ has been developed within the framework of the Joint Research Academy of the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all. It is one of the PhD Programs of the Hannover Biomedical Research School, integrated into the Hannover School of Medicine (MHH).

In recent decades, scientific methods and projects became very specialized. The traditional education in one scientific lab and with one set of methods used in the lab became too narrow for preparing the PhD students to their future challenges and providing all skills for optimal employment possibilities after graduation.

Our goal is to counterbalance this development by an integrated PhD program that accompanies the scientific education in the lab. Integrating an industry advisor in the program committee should help to include courses that are required by the industry and that help to increase the options after finishing PhD also outside the university environment. Another goal of the program is a university-level of education for audiological clinical positions.

The courses of our PhD program cover methods of molecular biology, physiology and biophysics of hearing, neurophysiology of other sensory systems and the central auditory system, psychophysiology of hearing, audiology, clinics of hearing disorders, physical principles of imaging methods, biomedical engineering in prosthetic devices for hearing.

Recent Highlight:
Textbook written for students with multidisciplinary 
backgrounds of our students was published:

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Dr. Christine Baumhoff
Institute of AudioNeuroTechnology
Stadfelddamm 34
30625 Hannover


Program director:

Prof. A. Kral

Program deputy director:

Prof. P. Behrens

PhD Program Committee

Prof. P. Behrens, LUH

Prof. H. Blume, LUH

Prof. A. Büchner, MHH

Prof. A. Kral, MHH

Prof. K. Schwabe, MHH

PD Dr. A. Warnecke, MHH

M. Voigt, MSc.


Dr. V. Hamacher

Advanced Bionics Co., Head of European Research Center


Prof. P. Behrens, LUH

Prof. G. Berding, MHH

Prof. S. Bleich, MHH

Prof. H. Blume, LUH

Prof. A. Büchner, MHH

Prof. S. Debener, OUL

Prof. R. Dengler, MHH

Prof. S. Doclo, OUL

Prof. T. Doll, MHH

Prof. W. Ertmer, LUH

Prof. L. Geworski, MHH

Prof. G. Klump, OUL

Prof. Ch. Köppl, OUL

Prof. B. Kopp, MHH

Prof. A. Kral, MHH

Prof. H. Maier, MHH

Prof. O. Majdani, MHH

Prof. T. Lenarz, MHH

Prof. W. Nogueira, MHH

Prof. G. Paya Vaya, LUH

Prof. K. Schwabe, MHH

Prof. C. Thiel, OUL

PD Dr. A. Warnecke, MHH

Prof. E. Zimmermann, TiHo

PhD Program within the 
Hannover Biomedical Research School